Automatic Paper Roll Cutting Machine (PCT1000)

Automatic Paper Roll Cutting Machine

Accuracy at its finest.

The motor-driven moving blade of this machine is used to cut the paper roll, which serves as the raw material, into sheets of paper. The system can be given a length for the paper that can be changed as per the requirement. The sensors use the code provided by programming to determine the length of cutting. For the entire assembly, it just takes up a minimal amount of room. With such great accuracy and productivity, this machine can be utilised for heavy paper cutting purposes. The PCT1000 competes with other brands and stands out in the present market since ergonomics were taken into account during the design process. One servo motor and two induction motors power the automatic paper roll cutter. The paper roll can have a maximum thickness of 500 GSM (Grams Per Square Meter). The widest thing this machine can carry is 40 inches. With a length of 1000 mm, this machine can cut 1200 to 1300 sheets of paper in an hour. 1500mm is the longest cutting length possible. This machine requires 500 Watts of the total, three-phase power to operate.


The PCT 1000 employs scissor-type cutting, which provides the highest level of cutting accuracy. Throughout the cutting process, a more streamlined and precise cut is guaranteed.


Highly stressed cutting is made feasible by the employment of the HCHCS blade. With each cut, the blade's sharpness automatically becomes better.



The PCT 1000 can execute paper cutting tasks on up to 400 GSM paper. It supports all varieties of paper that are used in the production of paper bags.

Rubber Rollers

Nitrile rubber is excellent at withstanding abrasion and is oil resistant hence roller operation has a longer lifespan.


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