Automatic Machineries


Lenore has been keeping a watchful and respectful eye on this immense and fast moving market and has been considering ways to connect it with a better approach .The development of our automatic machineries by Lenore was the result of this observation. As a true pioneer in automated machinery manufactures in India, we have consistently adapted to our customers’ needs and requirements and are always ready to adapt new trends in the market. Automation is the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and service with minimal human intervention.

Machine Tools


A machine tool is a machine for handling or machining metal or other rigid materials, usually by cutting, boring, grinding, shearing, or other forms of deformation. They play a critical role in manufacturing industry and they are called “Mother Machines”, because they make other machines possible. Quality products come out from a first class production shop. Therefore, we carry out various measures to improve the process of machine tool production. Here in Lenore we believe that a first class production cannot be achieved by the production team alone but by optimization of the entire process which includes sales, engineering, and customer support.

Electric and Electronic Products


Technical advances are a constant occurrence in the electrical and electronics industry and in component manufacture. Lenore helps to create value in the electric and electronics industry not merely by providing products, but also by solving diverse problems through provision of services. We are using advanced sensing technology to continually provide new products and services that contributes to the safety, and value enhancement of production. Keeping the online marketing trends in vision, Lenore bring a well-defined online business directory of electrical and electronics products.

Institutional Panels


For all your industrial motor purposes of flats, malls, and villas, Lenore presents fully customizable institutional panels. Our institutional panels range in varieties and in models such as panels with cascading effect offering cyclical operation of motors in industries, thermocouple panels for hot water, temperature-control based panels, timer-based panels for garden needs, etc. AMF panels, that offers uninterrupted power supplies by automatically switching power between the main supply and generator in case of a power cut, Being the finest automated machinery manufacturer in India, Lenore designs Institutional Panels in accordance with the specifications recommended by the customers. Lenore holds a diverse set of panels suitable for any kind of motors, power system, size of the buildings, power consumption, industrial needs, etc.

Name your motor needs… Lenore delivers the best in town

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