Automatic Motor Starter (ASMS)

Automatic Motor Starter (ASMS)

Motors on control.

Customized, high-quality Motor Starters are made by Lenore Industries for all important industrial uses according to the demands of the owners of the mall, villas, and apartments. Lenore creates motor starters that precisely and minutely satisfy their requirements. Lenore Motor Starters are completely automated systems that have the ability to cascade cyclically between two motors, provide overload protection, master isolation, utilize four sensing technologies, and perform low voltage cuts, among other characteristics. Our highly configurable motor starters are of the highest caliber, outperforming any competing Motor Starters on the market.

Auto Manual Selection

Lenore Motor Starter can be used to regulate motor pumps in both automatic and manual modes.

LED Indication

LED signals help the monitoring of all operational situations.

Automatic Motor Interchanging

The device automatically switches the motors in every cycle.

Voltage & Thermal Protection

The device protects motors from High voltage, Low voltage, and High Ampere current

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