Fully – Automatic Screen Printing Machine (ASP1000)

Automatic Screen Printing Machine (ASP1000)


The well-known business Lenore Industries Pvt Ltd specializes in producing and providing screen printing equipments. Because we employed adjustable pneumatic cylinders for the squeezer rods, the design is less complicated and simpler to use. To minimize human effort, a belt conveyor has been added. Our variety is well regarded by our customers for its sturdiness, designs, longer lifespan, and rust-proof nature and is manufactured in our site’s facility in compliance with predetermined quality requirements. To ensure that it meets quality standards, the screen printing machine is created utilizing premium raw materials and cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, before being made available to devoted customers, these products are put through several quality controls.


The equipment can print on surfaces between 16 and 14 inches wide.


The device may be used at five different speeds, and it can produce 800 prints every hour.


The machine design includes a conveyor, which makes it continuous and productive.


The screen's alignment and ease of access make the ink refilling process simple and practical.

automatic screen printing machine
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