What is the difference between AMF Panels and ATS Panels

In this modern-industrious world, all industries, companies, malls, and flats must contain a reliable electrical power system that includes AMF or ATS panels for an uninterrupted power supply. They enable seamless operations and functions without getting affected during a power cut. Even though used interchangeably, AMF and ATS panels are slightly different from each other. Let us see how! 

 What is an AMF Panel?


An automatic Main Failure Panel, also known as an AMF panel, is an automatic system used to switch electricity supply over from mains to a stand-by generator upon the failure of the mains supply or a power cut. As soon as the mains supply gets restored, the system automatically switches back to the mains and stops the generator. The generator will eventually shut down after the required cooling time. Basic types of AMF panels include industrial, commercial, home, and telecom. 

 What is an ATS Panel?


An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panel is an automated switching device that transfers load power to backup power during mains failure. Once the main power gets reinstated, it gets transferred to its original state. These panels use an automatic motorized or magnetic switch to switch between one power supply to another. Why? Because the contactors of the panels must withstand the required load upon switching. 

 Key Difference Between AMF Panels and ATS Panels 


As we have read in the definitions, both ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) and AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) panels serve the same purpose of switching the electrical load of a system from the usual supply (Mains) to a standby supply (Generator) and back again. Although they serve a similar purpose, they have a slight difference. The sole difference between an ATS and an AMF is how the generator gets started:

  • ATS panels include a volt-free contact that the generator uses to start/stop through the control panel – GCP. 
  • AMF panels include a generator controller with a start/stop function, speed, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel level alarms. 

Thus, if you own a system that has a generator with its own Generator Control Panel (GCP), then an ATS panel is suitable. But if your standby supply is from a generator without its own Generator Control Panel (GCP), then an AMF panel is what you require. Specify your system features to automatic machine manufacturers in India, and they will fix you with the right panel.

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