Understanding The Basics Of Motor Starters

Like everybody who has clicked the link to this article, you are also here to understand the basics of motor starters, so let’s jump right into the topic without any further delay.

So, the first question to tackle is “What are motor starters?”. Yes, the question is very basic, and you need a basic answer as well.

Motor starters are electronic devices that are designed to start and stop motors safely, acting as a switching device.

The electrical motor starter is growing out to be a crucial part of industrial settings where it performs the following functions without any manual help:

Safe start and stop of motors: With the help of an automatic motor starter, motors are switched On and Off at the required time when the water level goes below a threshold level and above a threshold level, respectively.

Protect motors from current fluctuations:
Electricity spikes are unpredictable, voltages go up and down without any warning.
Motor starters with their overload protection circuit safeguard the motors by default without causing any kind of damage.

Offers cyclic operation of two motors in succession:
In most institutions like malls, villas, etc., there may be more than one motor that is intended to be used if the primary motor has some trouble.

The best automatic motor starters have a unique feature to offer cascading effect, where all the motors operate in a cyclic format, one after the other, without overloading one motor for all works, thus, offering them longer lives.

Now you know what a motor starter is and its functions. So, you can start searching for a motor starter.

Upon selecting motor starters for your need, you have to be specific about your requirements and the type of motor you have, such as, is the motor single-phase or three-phase or is it reversing or non-reversing motor, etc.

If you are sure of your specifications, you can purchase the most customized motor starters from the best automatic machine manufacturers in India.

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