An Ultimate Guide For Paper Cutting Machines

In this article, we are going to dive deep into the meaning, principle, application, etc. of the automatic paper cutting machine. First, let us see what it means, so shall we?

What are automatic paper-cutting machines?

Automatic paper cutting machines are designed to feed & cut rolls of paper in a proper dimension continuously. This automatic machine is exclusively intended for mass production and stands for a faster and more efficient way of cutting paper.

Why do we need automation?

When there remain manual paper cutters, why do we need these automatic machines? Here is why:

  • To achieve mass production
  • To reduce human labor 
  • To reduce the workload 
  • To reduce the production time 
  • To reduce the fatigue of workers
  • To achieve good product quality 

 What is the working principle behind automatic paper-cutting machines?

FOUR BAR CHAIN MECHANISM particularly Beam Engine (Crank and Lever Mechanism) is the working principle behind the operation of these machines. 

The four-bar chain, being the most fundamental of the plane kinematic chain, is a much preferred mechanical device for mechanization and control of motion of these machines. It consists of four rigid links connected by four-pin joints. 

  • Linkage: When one of the links is fixed, it is known as a linkage or mechanism.
  • Crank: The link that rotates complete revolution 
  • Coupler: The link opposite to the fixed link 
  • Lever or rocker: If the fourth link oscillates 

A part of the mechanism of a beam engine (also known as crank and lever mechanism), when the crank rotates about the fixed center A, the lever oscillates about a fixed center D. The end E of the lever CDE is connected to a piston rod which reciprocates due to the rotation of the crank, that is, it converts rotary motion into reciprocating motion.

Major Applications of Automatic Paper Cutting Machines

Paper cutting machines are usually used in many kinds of fields. Some of the major fields in which these machines are used are:

  • Small and medium-scale industries
  • Paper cutting industries and workshops 
  • In the printing press

Since you now know the meaning, relevance, mechanism, and application of using automatic paper cutting machines, it’s your turn to make the big decision to purchase the machine and know for yourselves. 

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