Why must you consider buying an automatic screen printing machine?

Screen printing businesses are seriously thinking about making their way into automated processes as they are very beneficial for the industry, in the merit of their speed, consistent quality, lower cost of production etc. 

Investing in an Fully automatic screen printing machine or a semi-automatic one is a huge step as it will mark the beginning of something big and requires serious thought. 

In this article, let’s talk about the potential benefits of the automatic screen printing machine so that you will consider buying one.  

Benefits of Automatic Screen Printing Machine 

Some people might be hesitant to take risks and invest in something new, but in this case, you must consider taking it as the reward will be enormous. Here are some of the top benefits of automatic machines: 

  • Speed: In this modern world where time is fleeting like a passing mist, you require a machine that can work at the fastest pace. With an automated system, it is easy to anticipate a shirt press to produce between 500 and 1,000 shirts each hour. When the production pace is high, you’ll be able to handle more work in less time. Large orders and short deadlines will no longer trouble your mind. 
  • Steady Quality: Think about your employee who manually presses ink on T-shirts. Will all shirts have equal printing quality and consistency? No, because sometimes towards the end of their shift, the job will get weary, or the ink might run out, and refilling might seem tiresome, so eventually, the consistency begins to suffer. 

    The first print of the day and the last one will vary significantly in their quality. But with an     automatic printing machine, every shirt will be the same because you have complete              control of its pressure, angle, and speed. 

  • No Exhaustion: Manual pushing or dragging a squeegee of the old system can get the employee too exhausted. Their arms, shoulders, lower back, etc. will have soreness and pain. An automated machine causes no physical fatigue and protects employees from the damaging effects of long-term exposure to printing materials.
  • Saving Money: Paying your employees will take significant money from your company’s wallet. Again you need to hire more employees to meet the sudden needs of the growing demands and trending markets. You could easily save these extra expenses by purchasing an automatic screen printing machine. It never calls in sick and never gets tired or injured. It only benefits you by increasing the production rate.
  • Printing Efficiency: A significant boost in production capacity is brought in by these automated machines. Steady quality, speedy process, consistency, etc. can maximize the efficiency of products coming out of these screen printing machines. 



As a concluding idea, I would suggest that an automatic screen printer is your best and only option to grow your company successfully. Automatic screen printing machines open up brand-new options for massive productions that are nearly impossible with manual printing. 

Thus, order your machine from the best automatic machine manufacturers in India and get it to start working immediately. 

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