Why Is It Relevant To Have AMF Panels?

Let’s start by answering the basic question – “What are AMF Panels?”. Automatic Mains Failure panels, commonly known as AMF panels, often form a part of an automatic generator, which makes the power automatically switch to emergency standby generators in situations of main power failure or total blackout.

An AMF Panel sends a start signal to the generator to fire up immediately and thus prevents the blackout.

Without AMF panels, all the generators have to be operated manually which can cause delays, potential damage to the electrical equipment etc.

Thus, it is always advisable to buy an automatic motor control panel and safeguard your buildings from electric failures. 

With AMF panels the whole process is fully automatic, that does not require any manual interference.

AMF panels never let a chance or risk of a complete power cut, it enables the electrical equipment to remain functional, thus preventing data loss, which is a huge relief for business sectors like the IT companies with computers operating 24*7, all days and all nights.

It enables your business to continue without any disruption for the longest time possible. 

Let us see how an AMF panel works:

  • Full time monitors a building’s incoming AC mains supply
  • Activates the standby generator when mains power fails
  • Facilitates automatic electrical transfer of the building’s load from the mains to the generators
  • Makes an easy return to the mains supply, when the power comes
  • Shuts down the generator after a cooling run

So, if you have installed backup generators for your business firms, it is necessary that you also purchase AMF panels as they can automatically switch powers in between mains and generators in no time.

You must contact Lenore, one of the best machine tool industries in India, that can help you with guaranteed AMF panels known for their high performance, quality, long functional life and many more. 

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