4 Steps To Start A Paper Bag Making Business

If you are up to take a big step and flourish in your future, you could always think of starting a paper bag-making business.

Trust me, paper bags are highly in demand at all kinds of shops like bakeries, supermarkets, textiles, hotels, etc.

As customers and even the government policies are vouching for more eco-friendly carry bags that will not harm nature. 

When you think about this business, it is not simply ordering a paper bag-making machine and starting the business. 

It has some initial steps, and this article will guide you through these stages one by one. 


Step 1: Capital Sum to Start a Paper Bag Business

Like all business ventures, a paper bag-making business also requires minimal investment. If you are planning to buy a fully automatic paper bag making machine, it will cost around Rs 5 lakh-Rs 8 lakh, the rate varies depending on the production capacity.

One can produce around 10,000-15,000 paper bags per hour automatically without any human labor. Whereas a semi-automatic machine is available at below Rs 3 lakh, however, they have a lower production capacity and require human labor. 

Step 2- License And Registration

If your business plan is small-scale, you can simply operate the machine at home with a Trade Licence. But if it’s meant to be a large-scale plan, you have to register the company with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and apply for the Trade Licence with the local municipal authorities.

Your unit has to be registered as a Small Scale Industry (SSI). Again, since you are manufacturing paper bags, you will need a certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Step 3- Appropriate Location

Your manufacturing unit requires a location where electricity charges are less, labor wages are low, rent costs are low, etc. Thus, a semi-urban area, that is near to the market for supplies, would be the most preferable location for this business.

A manufacturing unit of around 2000 square feet would be more than sufficient for producing paper bags.

Step 4. Decision on Machines 

If you look at the methods of making paper bags, you can do it manually or with the help of machines. Manual bag making is very time-consuming and the quantity produced is less.

Yes, the investment might be low, but your profit will be lower as well. Whereas, automatic machines are quite easy to operate. Just put paper rolls in the machine, and it starts to make the bags automatically producing 10,000-15,000 paper bags per hour.

These are the basic steps involved in starting a paper bag-making business. Once you are up with the decision, contact the best automatic machine manufacturers in India and get robust machines for your business. Your dream project requires the best quality machines from experts! 

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