How to choose the right screen printing machine for your business?

On your search for the perfect screen printing machine, you will come across lots of information out there that can easily get you confused because there are diverse options.

Don’t worry you are not alone, millions of printers have gone through this exact process and finally purchased the machine of their like and needs.

We are listing the top factors to keep in mind when choosing a screen printing machine from the best machine tool industries in India.

  • Space and Budget: Before searching for a screen printing machine, check the space you hold in your shop and the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on this new machine. Limited space shop owners can go for tabletop screen printing machines that do not require additional space, one with ample space can go for full-size screen printing machines that are a bit more expensive, yet more durable, and last long. 
  • The Volume of Production: The next thing to consider is the estimated volume of production. Do you get orders in bulk or minimal? How many colors do you want to be printed per design? Because the more colors you need, the more stations have to be set, the more production you can do and it will indeed cost a bit higher. But if you have only minimal orders with some basic color patterns, you don’t need a grander machine.  
  • Manual or Automatic: Depending on the above-mentioned factors, space limit, budget, and production volume, you can come across the decision of which type of screen printing you wish to purchase, manual or automatic. If you wish to print by yourself, a manual printing machine would be enough. But for higher output volume, it is always advisable to order automatic machines for faster production. 

An automatic screen printing machine is a better option for you if you have enough space, budget, high production volume, etc., and require longer durability and efficiency of the machinery. Get your phone and contact the best automatic machine manufacturers to purchase the perfect machine for you. 

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