Automatic Vs Manual Screen Printing: Which is better?

If you own a business producing paper bags and wish to place the logo of the company, designs, contact details, etc.

You are in dire need of screen printing. Now comes the real question of which one to opt for, automatic or manual screen printing?

Here, let us venture into the difference between the two and find out which is better suited for your business.

In the manual printing method, the whole process is done manually by human laborers involving duties like printing and adjusting the color, rotating the carousel, lifting the printing heads by hand, etc.

Whereas, if you employ a screen printing machine, all the extra effort and work can be easily eliminated as they are all automatically performed by the machine.

If you run a small-scale business with only minimal orders, manual screen printing can be a preferable choice, but if your business gets large orders and you wish to expand your business territory beyond the ordinary, get the best automatic screen printing machine and speed up your productivity in no time.

Let us examine how automatic screen printing is better than manual printing:

Lesser effort and greater output: In contrast to manual printing which requires more human power and time, automatic machines can produce greater output with fewer hands and lesser periods of time. An automatic machine can print anywhere around 3000-5000 paper bags per day, whereas a manual laborer can only print around 200-300 bags.

Higher consistency in quality of products: In automated printing, all printed bags of a batch look exactly similar and consistent, which may not be the case in manual printing which fails to provide these precise and accurate results.

Best for larger runs: Automatic machine enables to complete of larger orders as they are faster than manual printing. Timely completion of the orders is much easier and more comfortable with automatic machines.

For these and all the more reasons of better productivity, customization, preciseness, standardized results, etc. automatic screen printing is the right option for your business needs. So contact Lenore, one of the leading automatic machine manufacturers in India, and get the best machinery that has ever been made!

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