Why Do You Need Drill Stand?

I guess everyone is quite familiar with the machinery termed as ‘drills’. For those who haven’t heard the term, a drill is a tool used to make round holes on hard substances, such as wood, metal, plastic boards, etc.

Drills are often utilized in all kinds of construction and manufacturing units to bore various kinds of holes with diverse diameters.

The most common drill machines are handheld drills which the workers hold in their hands to make the holes.

It is quite dangerous to handle a drill in hand as they work on electric power and a slight slip of the hand can cause serious dangers to the worker himself and the co-workers.

For this problem came the greatest optimal solution, Drill Stand (DS 100).

Yes, a drill stand is a quite powerful machine tool that holds the drill machine for ease of work.

A drill stand is used as stabilizing stationery upon which the drill machine can be fixed and locked in the desired position to be used for varying needs.

With the help of the hand levers or rotary wheels on the drill stand, the user can manually lower or raise the stabilized spinning drill bit straight down into the surface of the material or straight up away from the surface once a sufficiently deep hole is made.

In contrast to handheld drilling, a series of uniform holes can be easily made with a drill stand holding the drill in place.

All standard drill stands have adjustable brackets to organize rotary tools of varying sizes.

For the smooth functioning of the drill stands, one might need to lubricate the stand with grease for the uninterrupted rise and fall of the rotating drill bit.

Safety and security need to be considered in big terms when working with heavy tools.

An electric drill is very heavy that usually causes hand weakness after holding it for more than a few minutes.

The drill motors always heat up after using them for some time, making it uncomfortable to hold them without gloves on hand.

Here is where a drill stand comes to the rescue, liberating the hands of the user, leaving the drill fixed to a position, relieving the user from fatigue and serious injuries, etc.

So, think no more, contact the best machine tool industries in India and get top-class drill stands for your business.



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