Everything To Know About Machine Tools

Machine tools are an essential part of all manufacturing industries, factories, etc. Knowing the basics and purposes of them can lead you to the right purchase of the item from the best machine tools suppliers in Kerala. This article will give you an overall idea about them and their significance in industries.

 What are machine tools? 

Machine tools are machines that handle metal, wood, or other materials. They employ or support the tool for cutting, shaping or drilling, etc. They constrain the workpiece and provide a guided movement to the parts of the machines, like a drill stand used to hold and stabilize hand drills. 

What are the characteristics of machine tools?


Machine tools have the following characteristics:

  • They are primarily power-driven.
  • They provide means to hold tools.
  • They provide means for relative motions for the machining process, such as drilling, by holding the machine in a fixed position.

 All tools must contain work-holding and tool-holding devices because they can accurately control the depth of the cut or holes. Cutting speed refers to the relative motion between the cutting edge of the tool and the work material.

 What is the Machine Tool Industry?

It is a leading branch of machine building, producing items such as metalworking and woodworking tools, automatic and semiautomatic machines, etc. A critical factor that leads to the growth and prosperity of the machine tool industry is the rising industrial automation across the world. As the global industry is moving toward automation, reducing manual labor and efforts, it leads to high demand for these tools, ensuring the growth of the whole industry. 

 Importance of the Indian Machine Tools Industry

India is ever rising on its path to becoming a key player in the global machine tools industry with its high-end manufacturing. The automatic sector is all-set to grow 3.5 to 4 times from its current size of $74 billion to reach about $300 billion by the year 2026, leading to the growth of the machine tool industry, as well. 

The Indian machine tools sector has a plethora of opportunities in the future, provided they tend to develop technologies that cater to the customers’ demands. Since the machine tool industries in India have an undying drive to succeed, it is good to go way into the future yielding long-term benefits. 


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