What are the advantages of using HCHCR blades in Paper Cutting Machines?

The paper cutting blade refers to the blade that is used within a paper cutting machine utilized in the paper industry, printing industry, paper bag making industry, etc. One must use high-quality blades such as an HCHCR blade for maximum productivity, lifespan, and reliability. 

What are HCHCR blades?

The best automatic paper roll cutting machine manufacturer in India uses HCHCR blades made of HCHCR-D2 steel that contains High Carbon, High Chromium contents. This steel material is highly used to make chipper knives, punches, slitters, shear blades, tools, tire shredders, trimming, cutting, stamping tools, etc. due to its diverse advantages. 

Advantages of using HCHCR blades


Some of the advantages of using these blades in paper cutting machines are:

  • Steel Hardness:  Since this type of steel component has an edge, its inherent hardness extends the cutting lifetime. This is particularly true in high-heat situations. Another benefit of hardness is that once it loses its edge, it’s easier to grind and sharpen than other steel alloys, ensuring a long life for your tooling. 
  • High-Speed Performance: These blades can simply cut through even thick materials at high speeds benefitting their performance. Using an HCHCR steel blade can offer speed up to seven times that of traditional alloy blades.  
  • Wear Resistance: A tough blade is likely to hold its edge longer in adverse conditions. In high-heat or high-pressure situations, these steel components hold their edge and outperform other alloys. Some manufacturers even choose to coat blades to add another layer of wear resistance. 

Besides making sure you purchase some paper cutting machine that gets the job done right, you need to know that it will last. 

You don’t want to be halfway through a project and know that your paper cutting machine or its blade quits working properly. 

Take quality into consideration when making your paper cutting machine purchase. Make sure that the blade matches your requirements of longer lifespan, durability, resistance, cutting sharpness, etc. 

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