Why must you use drill stands for your hand drills?

Before going onto the necessity of using drill stands, let us first tackle the question, “what is a drill machine?”. That seems right, and the appropriate answer would be that drills are machine tools used for punching drill holes when working with wood, metal, plastic, etc. 

Drills are often seen in manufacturing factories, woodworking, and metal fabrication workshops. Since working with hand drills could reduce work efficiency and accuracy and also cause danger to the user, it is advisable to purchase drill stands from the best machine tool suppliers in Kerala and get your jobs done. 

What are the benefits of a drill stand?

Hand drills are electronic devices that are hard to operate with accuracy without avoiding minor errors. Here comes the use of a drill stand which can mount the drill in a particular position so that the holes to be drilled or milled are accurate to the millimeter. Drill stands are perfect for all kinds of drilling, such as:

  • Hole drilling
  • Angular drilling
  • Exact drilling depths
  • Series drilling

Whatever be the project, a drill stand is a worthwhile drilling aid that makes the work lot easier. Securing a hand drill upon a drill stand ensures the safety of the drill user.

 When to purchase stationary drill stands? 


There are mainly two types of drill stands; mobile drill stands and stationary drill stands. But how to know which one you require? Think about it this way! If your business requires workers to drill in series and need a load-bearing stand for the drilling machine, stationary drill stands should be your choice. 

With stationary drill stands, the drill is not only fixed but is completely clamped and put down. Thus, it is accurate for a heavy and powerful drill machine. Stationary drill stands are solid with a fixed base plate enabling vertical, horizontal, and angle drilling. 

After understanding the details above, I guess you have arrived at the perfect decision to invest in drill stands as they are perfectly suitable for all kinds of drills available in the market. Thus, make sure to contact machine tool industries in India and order your drill stand today itself.

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