Trending Models Of Paper Cutters

From a small office to a large multinational company, the administration is still happening through the extensive use of paperwork. With the abolition of plastic, paper bags and coverings are gaining popularity among customers in shops and supermarkets. Papers are biodegradable, thus, are in the highest demand. To make use of paper in various industries, it has to be manufactured and cut in different ways with the use of paper cutting machines

Types of Paper Cutters

Nowadays, numerous types of paper cutters are trending in the market, and in this article, we attempt to understand each one of them. 

  • Rotary Paper Cutter: – This type of paper cutter uses a round blade that sits on a cutting head, which sits on a rail to slide back and forth, cutting paper. Rotary paper cutters are preferred for their extreme precision. They are much used to cut photographs.
  • Stack Paper Cutters: – Stack paper cutters are designed to cut hundreds of sheets of paper simultaneously. They are commonly used at print shops for cutting down prints and other materials. They can cut larger sheets of paper into custom-size paper.  Stack cutters are used for various industrial and commercial applications. Manual, semi-auto and fully automatic variations of the machine are available in the market.
  • Guillotine Paper Cutters: – They are also known as arm or lever cutters as they typically consist of a cutting blade and a long blade arm that can be pulled down for cutting material. These cutters are generally very accurate in cutting paper, card stock, etc. 
  • Hydraulic Paper Cutters: – The toughest and most robust paper cutter would be a hydraulic one. These cutters typically come in a stack paper cutter design and are used for high-volume cutting in factories, print shops, paper plants, and other businesses that handle thousands of sheets of paper per day.
  • Form cutters: – Form cutters, which are also called paper slitters, are designed to auto-feed paper and slit it down to size, they offer an option of scoring and perforating along with slitting. Form cutters are excellent for producing marketing material. 

Automatic paper-cutting machines are much more worthy than manual ones in this industrial era. Thus, make sure you purchase the right one that would be beneficial for you in the coming era. Contact machine tool industries in India and get an automated one as it assist you to reap benefits in this techno era and in the far future. 


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