Where can one install automatic liquid soap and hand sanitizer dispensers?

In this era, when the whole world is finally relieved from the after-effects of the Covid pandemic, people have understood the importance of personal hygiene, and everyone takes a special effort to wash or sanitize their hands for fear of spreading the virus. 

Thus, the importance of automatic liquid soap and hand sanitizer dispensers has increased more than ever. Nowadays people especially look out for spots to use sanitizer or liquid soap to maintain hygiene throughout the day. 

Best Places to Install Automatic Dispensers

Touch-free liquid soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are most effective in the following areas:

  • Entrances and exits

Doorknobs are the most common place for spreading viruses as several workers and visitors always walk in through the doors twisting the doorknobs.  It is highly possible that a person who walked in or walked out could carry viruses within their hands, thus sanitizer dispensers are very necessary at entrances and exits. 

  • Meeting and conference rooms

Everyone within a meeting or conference room is often seen exchanging handshakes for courtesy and greetings, which increases the chance of swapping germs. Having a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser by the door helps people avoid spreading germs. It also allows people to disinfect their hands before and after a meeting. 

  • Near restrooms

People sometimes forget to wash their hands after using the restroom properly. Some people will not find it comfortable to use solid soap used by many people. Having a touch-free soap dispenser helps people rinse their hands for the preferred time and stay clean without coming in contact with the soap used by many. 

  • High-traffic areas

Places where people are crowded like airport terminals, mall hallways, movie theatres, etc. require automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers. It creates the first impression about the place and it shows that they’re dedicated to keeping customers safe. 

It is very relevant that you try to keep automatic dispensers at these places as they are public places where several people come in contact at the same time. Contact machine tool industries in India and get the right machine for your need. Having these at your shops or restaurants or meeting rooms etc. can help people in diverse ways beyond mention. There heightens the goodwill and reputation of your company as people feel safe in your hands as you care for the customers. 


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