How to choose the best bottle filling equipment?

Whether you are new to the beverages business or an established seller who would like to update business standards to a higher range by installing an automatic bottle-filling machine, you need a good guide.

This article will guide you to select the right equipment that can serve your needs most appropriately. Out of millions of filling machine companies, and machine types displayed on the Google search lists, you may stand perplexed not knowing what to do, we are here to aid you to select the best bottle filling machine from the diversity. 

Key Criteria To Consider Before Choosing The Equipment 

  • Product Viscosity: Your products may vary in different forms. Viscosity is the measure of your product’s thickness, that is honey is thicker than water. This plays a major role when you pick the automated machine because different fillers suit some and not others. Gravity or overflow filler is the best one to use for water filling but is not suitable for thick liquid like honey or sauce. Whereas a pump filling machine or piston filling machine is best for thicker products. 
  • Filling Speed: If you are an owner of a large beverage company, you might have a mass product delivery to make within a time schedule, thus, you require a machine with maximum productivity. A machine with more filling heads will be accurate. On the other hand, if you have an average company, you might only need to purchase a machine with one or two filler heads. 
  • Type of container: We all are well aware of the fact that there are various types of bottle containers available in the market. The containers vary in their shapes, sizes, container material, etc. The differences in the container type have a large influence on the machine used for filling which should not be overlooked. 
  • Easy Cleaning: Machines require timely cleaning and changeover. It is better to purchase machines with simpler designs and movable parts so that you can easily remove the parts and clean the machine from time to time and re-attach the parts in their suitable places. 

What offers do the manufacturers must provide?


You don’t simply find a number and contact them randomly. You have to conduct a serious investigation into whether the best machine tool industries in India are willing to customize your equipment, and offer full service during the installation process and also on-site and remote support following installation, 

how they handle returns and refunds, etc. Only after you are fully satisfied with their services, contact them for further proceedings. 


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