Why do you need a Motor Starter?

Motors are the backbones of different industrial and commercial businesses as they are required and essentially present in all kinds of machinery. 

Starting a motor always takes up a significant amount of electricity. Into this scenario comes the use of the best electrical motor starter. But how? 

How do Motor Starters work?

To begin with, motor starters consist of two devices:

  • a contactor that completes the circuit to the motor 
  • an overload relay is used to monitor the current drawn by the motor

Yes, motor starters offer overload protection, it knows the maximum load that the motor can safely handle. When the motor exceeds the maximum load, the device opens the motor starter control circuit and the motor is turned off immediately. Thus, basically, motor starters are utilized to prevent electrical overloading. 

 It provides defense by controlling the electrical output of your device or equipment at its initial point of operation. If the electrical output or current exceeds the “safe limit”, the motor starter will deactivate the motor. 

 Why do you need a motor starter?

When considering equipment, each and everyone requires a safety measure and in the case of your motors, a motor starter is the best safety measure one can opt for. 

A motor starter offers complete protection for more extensive applications in large-scale companies that demand a higher load. All manufacturing industries require electric motors that can provide decades of reliable service.

Any failure or unplanned downtime in the operation of motors can have wide repercussions on the productivity and profitability of industries and companies. 

In most cases, overloads are the most common cause of failure. When overloading occurs, the motor draws excess current which causes overheating. 

This will further lead to undue wear and result in failure of the motor. Another cause is short circuits that occur in motor applications posing the greatest dangers for the motor, the complete installation, and for personnel handling the motor. 

Electrical motor starters are the best prevention for all these possible challenges of motors, thus you need one for the smooth operation of your industry. 

Where can you buy one?


If you have decided to buy motor starters, get your mobile phones and contact the best machine tool industries in India, they will guide you through the top-rated products that would serve you the best for your industrial needs. Hurry up, make up your mind and ring the bell, they await your call. 


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