What to consider when purchasing water level controllers?

Multinational companies, industries, offices, houses, apartments, agricultural fields….all require water services for daily needs. Thus, they are in need of the best automatic water level controller that can simply automate the whole process without human supervision. As soon as the water level in the tank rises or falls below the threshold, water level controllers take charge to refill or cease water filling to stop overflowing. Water level controllers are extremely essential for the various benefits they offer.

Why should one invest in water level controllers?

Some of the major reasons why one must invest in these automatic devices are:

  • Reduces water wastage due to overflowing
  • Reduces human labor as it is an automated process
  • Saves time as the process happens immediately with no delay
  • Saves the motor from damage as running an empty motor can cause overheating and damage. 

 Things to know before purchasing water level controllers

Now you know the importance of purchasing this automated device, but the purchase need not be in a hurry-burry. There are things to consider before fixing one particular machine. Some of the main categories of things to consider are given below: 

  • Understand the motor type

Motors installed at different places will have variant features and power consumption ranges. Why? Because of their purpose, use, environmental conditions, years of usage, pipe thickness, motor quality, the distance between the pipe and the tank etc. Old motors will consume more power than new ones. So, according to the difference, one must decide the controller they require. 

  • Check the quality of the sourced water 

Water quality in different regions varies due to geographical conditions, changing seasons, etc. Whatever the case one must check the quality of the sourced water before thinking of purchasing water level controllers because even the presence of the minutest mud and dust particles can damage the sensors. 

In a dusty place, even one month of using the sensors can get them dirty and filled with dust, this may cause them not to work efficiently or may stop working. Thus, one needs to purchase top-quality sensors for these regions. 

  • Water level controlling method 

There are various types of water level controllers out there in the market, it is quite essential that one purchases one with Dry Run Protection as it will never allow the motor to run dry without the proper amount of water. Dry running will only cause overheating, burn, and full damage to the system. Thus, it is advised that you may buy a controller with this special feature, it may be quite more expensive than the normal type, but trust me it will be worth it. 

  • Look out for the materials used

Motors contain various other components like switches, connectors that connect motors and sensors, ampere rating, external case of PC and ABS, etc. If the quality of all these parts is good, the controller will be long-lasting, at the same time, if these are faulty, it will drastically affect the performance of the controllers. 

So keep all these points in mind while making the purchase. The best automatic machine manufacturers in India will provide proper consultation for all your doubts and queries and will guide you through the process by providing accurate guidelines. 


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